Orioles keeping Markakis is looking good

Nick Markakis close to return to Orioles on four-year dealSeeing Nick Markakis in any other jersey other than an Orioles uniform just would not look right.  The Baltimore Orioles and Markakis have always had a great relationship and if rumors are correct the relationship should continue.  The rumors right now are that Markakis could sign a four-year deal soon.  

Keeping Markakis makes a lot of sense for the Orioles, he is a Gold Glover and a good hitter.  Markakis is also a quiet leader and does all the things the right way in the locker room.  Markakis has always been a great teammate and has never had a publicized fight with a teammate.

Adam Jones and Markakis solidify the outfield and have always played great together.  Communication between Jones and Markakis is always spot on which is why they have won the Gold Gloves.

Some think that Markakis is in decline but I disagree.  Markakis has fought injuries recently and plays nearly every game.

The Orioles will get a good deal for Markakis whose deal is rumored to be around $10-12 million per year.  Markakis is very loyal to the Orioles which also plays a factor, the Orioles and Markakis have a great mutual respect for eachother that is rare in sports these days.

Keeping Markakis will be great for the Orioles, they will not have to worry about any on or off the field issues.  The Orioles will be keeping one of their center pieces by keeping Markakis.


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