Keys to the Caps bouncing back in game four

In games one and two against the Tampa Bay Lightning the Washington Capitals came away with a win in both games. The Caps lead the series 2-1. In the first two games of the series, the Capitals averaged about 35 shots on goal, and converted on about 43% of power plays which is extremely high. Washington also averaged five goals per game in the first two games of this series against the Bolts. Defense was also a component for the first two games in the series. With Holtby having a save percentage of 93% in these games, he’s been playing some of the best hockey of his career. The Caps played extremely well in the beginning games of this series. Winning both games on the road in Tampa Bay, is a huge momentum booster for upcoming games tin the series.
In game three of this series, the Capitals lost the game 4-2. The Lightning Converted on 40% of their power play opportunities, whereas Washington shot 0% on three power play chances. Ironically, they had 15 more shots on goal than the lightning. In this case the Caps did not win this game, but they did have chances to score. Washington’s defense did not play well in this game either with only seven blocks. Holtby saved 19 of 23 shots. His save percentage was only 83%. While Washington’s offense continues to beat the opposing defense, their defense needs to play more aggressive to help win games the rest of the series.
Game four is going to be a key game in this series, completely giving one team most of the momentum. For the Caps to end this game with a 3-1 lead in the series, they need to win face-offs in their territory. Too many times the Capitals have given away position in their own territory by losing face-offs. Also, Washington needs to put at least 30 shots on goal to have a better shot at winning game four. They need to play fast and aggressive on defense to keep the Lightning’s shot count as low as possible. Lastly, Holtby needs to be Holtby. If he can save 93% of shots like he did in the first two games, They will be in pretty good shape to extend the series lead to 3-1.

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