Christmas Giveaway Contest

This time of year is a time of giving. At Maryland Sports Blog, we appreciate each and every one of our readers, whether you’ve just read one post or you read every post. Over the past year, Maryland Sports Blog has grown exponentially. We’ve gone from a small blog to being voted the fourth best sports blog in Baltimore at the Mobbies! Without our loyal readers and supporters, that growth would not have been possible.

To show our appreciation and gratitude, we’ve decided to have a Christmas giveaway contest! The contest will be in four parts, and will begin on Saturday the 17th. There will be one post a day. It will involve Capitals trivia and autograph recognition. Some of the trivia answers might or might not be in my Capitals posts, so it may or may not be beneficial for you to skim through them… just saying.

First Prize: Your choice of a Jayson Werth Frederick Keys bobblehead, a Brian Roberts Orioles bobblehead, or a baseball autographed by Ravens rookie tackle Jah Reid.
Second Prize: Second choice of the three items listed.
Third Prize: Third choice of the three items listed.


  • For the first three posts, points will be given based on correct answers. The first person to answer correctly will get 2 points, everyone else will get one point.
  • Scoring for the fourth and final post will be as follows: Each correct answer nets you one point. A correct answer will only count once, meaning that the first person to give a correct answer will be given one point. There will be more than one correct answer.
  • Maryland Sports Blog bloggers are NOT eligible to participate.
  • The person who has the most points at the end of the four day competition will receive the first prize. The person with the second most points will receive the second prize. The person with the third most points will receive the third prize.
  • In case of a tie, there will be a tiebreaker trivia question. The first person to answer it correctly wins the tiebreaker.

If there are any questions, feel free to leave a comment or just tweet @FlavaDave10. Good luck!

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