Jonathan Schoop Extension Talks

The Orioles did a great job in finding, who is now an all-star second baseman in Jonathan Schoop. With the talks of Manny Machado being traded floating around, the Orioles know that they need to act quick. Due to Machado’s asking price being too high for the organization, the Orioles need to handle the extension talks better with Schoop.

With recent extensions around the league, the Orioles need to follow the blueprint that has been given. Most recent was Rougned Odor who got a six-year contract worth $49.5 million, with an added club option for year seven making it possible to be worth $60 million. This seems to be a similar deal Schoop is going to ask for. On the other hand, MVP candidate Jose Ramirez signed a deal before the season, four years worth $26 million with two club options to make the total $50 million over six.

Now, let us assume the Orioles will use these two players in negotiations talk. Where does Schoop fall? That ultimately depends on how much the Orioles organization thinks he is worth.

Age is something to keep in mind as extension talks begin. Schoop who will become twenty-six next year is just entering his prime years and with his running mate Manny Machado possibly leaving soon, makes Schoop even more valuable. Schoop who was never regarded as an Orioles top prospect or a center point of the franchise has changed that. Taking over the role as the three batter in the Orioles lineup, Schoop did some damage batting .293/.338/.503 while playing 160 games. Not only were those all career numbers for Schoop but he also added 32 homeruns to his impressive season as well.

This will make the contract talks harder from the Orioles side, but I believe a deal needs to get done. Yes, Schoop and his agent will be pushing for a higher and all-star type contract, but the Orioles need to make sure they realize he is worth it. Making Schoop the center of the franchise for the next four to six years would help bring consistency to Baltimore, glooming the departure of Machado. If offered a similar type deal as Odor received, the Orioles can sell the idea that Odor is still twenty-three and was once the top prospect for the Rangers, hopefully making the deal more favorable for the birds.

Offering a five year $45 million guaranteed deal with a club option for the sixth year , totaling his deal at $57 million would be a pretty offer to Schoop and the Orioles. Considering an expected drop from last season, Schoop would have stability with the organization and hopefully, for the Orioles see years like 2017 repeated. There’s not much else to do for the Orioles, others will pursue Schoop if he becomes a free-agent. Not having many other valuable young prospects this is a must for the Orioles.


Dan Duquette please sign Mancini and Bundy before they have career years and we have to overpay for them too. This is becoming a scary cycle of not paying the prospects that turn out good but pay thirty-year olds way to much. Show some trust in the players before they show their worth to the whole MLB.

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