Instant Reactions From the Ravens Loss in Tennessee

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Tennessee Titans 23-20 to drop to four and five heading into their Bye week. In a game where the Ravens played mediocre at best, the takes are going to be hotter than ever. 

Breshad Perriman continues to be a weapon of mass destruction for the Ravens Offense. Perriman had three receptions for 28 yards, but had 3 major drops with one leading to a Titans’ touchdown. So far this season, Perriman has seven catches for a mere 54 yards and zero touchdowns. Although Perriman had questions about his hands throughout college, I’m convinced he’s scared to get hit. Perriman decided not to high point the ball that fell into his hands which somehow led to an interception. The following drive, on a third down comeback route, he let a ball go right through his hands and bounce off his chest. Perriman has one year left on his contract if the Ravens decide not to use their club option on him in 2019, and if he wants to stay in the league, he needs to ball out for the rest of this season and the next. 

The Ravens offense is more conservative than Washington D.C. and it’s hurting the team. I know I do not have the answers, but it’s obvious the offense has no confidence whatsoever. Joe Flacco continues to look for the check down instead of going downfield. Flacco finished the day 34-52 for 261 yards with two touchdowns and interceptions. It could be to his injuries or the revolving door of coordinators, but where is the Joe Flacco that would throw a bomb just to get the pass interference call. I’m arguably the biggest Flacco supporter out there, but after this weekend I am starting to be convinced that the Ravens should go after Baker Mayfield in the draft. 

The defense seems to play their best when the offense is playing well. In the Titans’ final drive, where they scored a touchdown, it looked as if the defense just simply gave up. Yes 14 points came off an interception and the shanked punt by Sam Koch, but it appears the defense has the attitude similar to the early 2000s teams. “Why do we have to cover for the offense’s lack of production. 

Before today, I was adamant that the Ravens needed to go six and two over the second half of the season to compete for a playoff spot, but now it’s looking like the Ravens will finish with a .500 record again and miss the playoffs. Even with other potential wild card teams playing terribly, the Ravens need a miracle. Although I’m adamant on taking an offensive lineman first round in the draft, since Marshal Yanda’s career is near it’s end, I’m starting to entertain the option of going after Baker Mayfield and have him sit for a few years. Similar to how the Packers did with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. But for right now, thank god the Ravens are at the bye week. Let us pray for a strong finish. Oh, and Jimmy Smith is still the best cornerback this year. 

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