Five takeaways from the State of the Ravens address

The Baltimore Ravens held their State of the Ravens address, it is one of the few times that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti answers questions for the media.  In no particular order here is the most important information to come out of the address.

1.  Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will be with the Ravens for a very long time.  Flacco, being a quarterback, will probably be with the Ravens longer than Rice but both will have contract extensions in the future.  It is the type of offensive stablitity this team has lacked for years.  Flacco has improved each year that he has been a professional and is likely to continue to get better with more time with his receivers.

2.  Bisciotti supports Flacco, throughout the address the Ravens owner defended Flacco. This is good for Flacco’s confidence knowing his owner is behind him.  Flacco was largely criticized by the media and some fans, the Ravens have always been behind him.

3.  The Ravens are not worried about letting veteran players go.  This is something the Ravens have done in the past, the question came up about the possibility of losing Ben Grubbs and Jarret Johnson.  In my opinion Grubbs would be a larger loss than Johnson, when Grubbs was absent for the Ravens the offensive line was very weak.  Johnson is a true Raven and brings great leadership.  Bisciotti referred to the Bart Scott situation on how they would treat these players.

4.  Ed Reed and Ray Lewis cannot be replaced.  This should come as no surprise but the Ravens brass said that they will not go searching for the next Hall of Fame safety or linebacker. Their roles will be replaced by players like Terrell Suggs.  It’s hard to find Ray Lewis’ everyday or even every year.

5.  The Ravens want Super Bowls not playoff appearances.  This is another no surprise but the team is very disappointed in not being in the Super Bowl.   Some teams would love to have had the season the Ravens just had but for the Ravens it is a failure.  It is that competitive nature that keeps this team competing they way they do.

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