Danza returns to the East Coast

Maryland raised professional soccer player Josh Danza has returned to the East coast after playing for the Tulsa Revolution. Danza has signed a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Fury and will be playing in the new American Soccer League. Danza will be transitioning from playing indoor soccer to outdoor soccer.

Danza played for Towson University and several professional soccer teams in Maryland throughout his career. In the past few years Danza played for teams in Atlanta, Ohio and Tulsa and will be making a welcome return to his hometown.  Danza left the Revolution on good term and is open to a return, “I left on very good terms, am still good friends with the owner Adam Mellor, and look to one day possibly return.” 

Family did influence Danza’s decision to play for the Fury, Danza is able to live in Maryland and commute to Philadelphia.

The transition from playing indoor soccer to outdoor soccer is not as easy as it sounds.  Danza needs a different type of fitness level, and needs to have more endurance to play outdoor soccer.  Danza has played outdoor soccer before so he knows what he needs to do to prepare.

“It is not like hockey fitness, you may only be on the field 45 seconds to two minutes give it all you’ve got then jump over the boards and sub off,” Danza said.  In outdoor there is a lot more endurance fitness needed.”

Danza is also a personal trainer and helps and coaches young soccer players in Maryland.  If you are interested in training with Danza go here, he is a seasoned professional athlete and I would highly recommend it.


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