A Sneak Peak at the Washington Capitals’ Reverse Retro Jerseys for the Upcoming Season

Fanatics accidently realeased “Special Edition” t-shirts for 27 of the 32 teams’ Reverse Retro designs for the upcoming season on NHLShop.com for a short period of time yesterday. One of the designs leaked was that of the Washington Capitals. The design hints at the Capitals incorprating their Screaming Eagle logo on a black jersey.

Here is a Twitter post of all of the designs that were leaked:

The eagle logo appeared on their blue and white “Screaming Eagle” jerseys that were introduced back in 1995. The black jersey concept harkens back to the team’s “Black Captiol” jersey that was worn from 1997-2007, and eventually replaced their blue jersey in the 2000-01 season.

If this design and logo does turn out to be the Capitals’ Reverse Retro 2.0, there is a good chance that it will repeat as the best-selling Reverse Retro jersey. The Caps’ Reverse Retro jersey for the 2020-2021 season, which also featured the eagle logo, held the top selling spot, according to NBC Sports.

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