MSB Fantasy Football is seven weeks in, how are things looking?

Week seven in the NFL is complete meaning your week seven in Fantasy Football is complete. The NFL has made it’s way through a roller coaster ride of upsets, stars rising, injuries piling up, and close battles in your fantasy matchups. The Maryland Sports Bloggers battled it out in five more match ups in their ten team half point ppr league. The craziness and trash talk has continued in the fantasy league. The league has a wide range of outcomes right now. One undefeated team, a bunch of strong teams close by, and a bunch of teams still all alive for that sixth and final playoff spot. Here is how the seventh week ended on the score sheets, along with the week eight schedule.

  • Matt Bachota (7-0) took on (3-4) Vasilios Nikolaou in what ended in a 57 point blowout. The original line for the game was a 17 point prediction in favor of the undefeated Bachota. Vas got a nice point out put from his TE Greg Kittle who is ranked fourth in ppr scoring at the position. Tight ends have been rough so far this season. Between injuries and lack of production it has been really difficult to find one that produces weekly. This is back to back weeks where Bachota has faced a tight end that led his opposing team in scoring. It seems like every week Melvin Gordon’s name is being brought up for Mr. Bachota, but this week that changed as Gordon and the Chargers played in the London game. Melvin made the trip to London and was named a game time decision. Unfortunately the morning brought Gordon being sat in favor of RB Austin Ekeler. Matt made the best of it still putting up 154.8 on the score sheet. We will see if the team can make it another week without Gordon as a member of the lineup as the Chargers are on bye week. Matt has a tough task as he will face off with the J-Train Jeremy.
  • Wes Hoffmaster (3-4) took on Josh Sager (3-4) in week seven. The win evened up Wes and Josh in the standings with both being at 3-4. Wes got a big boost from his defense this week as an outstanding 33 points was recorded. Josh may have gotten beaten by 30 points but Josh’s top star this week was a 27 point outing by another Bronco in Emmanuel Sanders.
  • David Edinger (2-5) took on Sam Smith (1-6) in a battle of teams coming off their first win of the season the week prior. David however took a step in the right direction moving to 2-5. Edinger put up the second highest points of the week with 154.6. What can you say though about Sam. He put up 120 points, but just ran into a team with a lot of great matchups.
  • Chanan Rothenberg (2-5) dropped another game, this time to Chris Cleveland (5-2) this week. The positive thing for Chris was the Saints were back from their bye week. Chris was with the returning Brees, Kamara, and Thomas this week. Chanan managed to put up triple digits this week on the scoreboard, but the 151.4 points (and third highest points of the week) was just to tough to handle.
  • Alex Benda (4-3) took on Jeremy Train (5-2) in week seven action. Alex’s team seemed to be on a relaxing point of their season as Alex wasn’t able to get to triple digits. Alex was able to put up just 86 points this week, allowing Jeremy’s team to cruise with 138.8 points. This was a battle of first round fantasy football drafted running backs. Jeremy’s Todd Gurley did again what he does weekly, and outscored pretty much all the running backs, including Alex’s star Saquan Barkely.


Here’s a look at week eight’s schedule for the Maryland Sports Blog Fantasy Football League

Matt Bachota (7-0) takes on Jeremy Train (5-2). Will it be Jeremy to knock off Matt’s long streak?

Wes Hoffmaster (3-4) takes on Chanan Rothenberg (2-5) . Will Wes build on a week 7 victory and take down the struggling Chanan?

Alex Benda (4-3) takes on Sam Smith (1-6). Will Sam get eliminated from the playoffs just eight weeks into the regular season?

David Edinger(2-5) the youngster Josh Sager (3-4). Can Josh get himself back to .500, or will Dave get himself his third straight win.

Chris Cleveland (5-2) takes on (3-4) Vasilios Nikolaou. This could be interesting in the MSB chat room as the trash discussions could be at an all time high for this one.


Teams at 7-0 = 1 (Matt holds a two game lead)

Teams at 5-2 = 2

Teams at 4-3 = 1

Teams at 3-4= 3

Teams at 2-5 = 2

Teams at 1-6 = 1

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