Yaz and the triple crown: taking 2 of 3 from the Sox

I’ve always maintained that if Frank Robinson didn’t get hurt in 1967, there would be no triple crown for one Carl Yastrzemski. Nothing against Yaz as he was a terrific player. Recall, the previous season, Robinson won the triple crown for Baltimore with a .316 average, 49 homers and 122 RBIs. So the great Robinson naturally came back in 1967 and got off to a great start.

Let’s go back to late June of that special season for Boston. Frank Robinson was flying high. He led the league in hitting (.337). And he was in second place in both homers and RBIs. And barely out of first. And then he slid into second base against the White Sox’ Al Weis and fell victim to concussion. That stinking Weis would haunt him again come the 1969 season as Weis was now a member of the evil New York Mets. So I’m guessing this is cry baby talk. if Frank Robinson was healthy that season, the great Yaz would have not won the triple crown and thus he would be less happy. Can you imagine if Frank would have won back to back triple crowns. Why he would be really famous.

So anyway, the not-so-hot Red Sox were in town this week for a three-game series. Bud Norris was light’s out in game one on Monday. He fired a 3-hitter at the punchless Sox. And the offense got help from the long ball. Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and even light-hitting Ryan Flaherty all homered in the 4-0 whitewash. And who closed for the Birds? Zach Britton? No it was the old closer, Tommy Hunter. And frankly he did a nice job.

The next day (June 10th) and we didn’t dent the scoreboard. Jon Lester perhaps? No it was the unknown Brendan Workman. We lost 1-0. Chris Tillman got out of early trouble but surrendered just one run. That was enough in a one-run loss.

There was better news on Wednesday night. Wei-Yin Chen was never better. He kept the Red Sox off the scoreboard and Chris Davis helped out offensively. The first baseman doubled and homered in the 6-0 win. OK, two runs came in via the bases loaded walk but we’ll take it. Even light-hitting catcher, Nick Hundley had a pair of hits.


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