Wigginton EXPLODES!!!!!!!

Baltimore Orioles first basemen, Ty Wigginton, exploded after an obvious blown call by first base umpire, Gary Darling. The play involved Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy and his fingers and arms being tagged out before reaching first base.

Wigginton’s reaction signaled a failed call by the umpire. Sunflower seeds sprouted out of Wigginton’s mouth and a ball was nonchalantly tossed into the crowd after Ty was corralled by his manager. It appeared Wigginton had experience at being thrown out be the was it was so perfectly executed. In a game a few years back, in which I had seats behind third base, I remember Ty being thrown out right in front of me, while his Tampa Bay hat was tossed into the stands.

Later in the game, pitching coach, Rick Kranitz and manager, Juan Samuel followed their All-Star into the clubhouse after being ejected one by one. Samuel tried to match Wigginton’s intensity, and without a doubt he did.

It was very entertaining game to watch. The Orioles may have been shut out but we were treated to fireworks of another kind.

Thanks to Harry Hammel for editing this post.

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