Why Trading For Jalen Ramsey Is not a Good Move for the Ravens

Jalen Ramsey, in most people’s opinion is a top 10 talent in the NFL and arguably one of, if not the best cornerbacks in the league currently. If you had a chance to obtain this type of talent, it would automatically improve your defensive secondary substantially. The Baltimore Ravens already have one of the league’s best secondary’s in the NFL, so adding Ramsey to the mix would make it seem impossible to be successful throwing the ball. So why wouldn’t the Ravens want to trade for him? it makes perfect sense on paper, but once you look deeper into it, some might realize the Ravens should not trade for him.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to get two first round picks for the pro bowl corner back which is reasonable in most eyes, but still first round picks are very valuable to any franchise. If the Ravens do not want to give up two first rounder’s, then they would have to give up anywhere from 2-4 picks and probably have to include a player in that deal. To me, the Ravens already have a solid team, and a deep team in almost every position so it is not worth giving up a player for him. It also is not worth giving up multiple picks for one player. We have had many success stories with our draft picks that haven’t come in the first rounds, such as Orlando Brown Jr. and Mark Andrews to name recently. Picks are also useful on draft night to trade into a round to get someone like Lamar Jackson for instance. The Ravens are not known for doing that often, but with the supply of picks we have in the upcoming draft I would not rule it out.

Let’s say we end up trading for him and get a reasonable, fair deal on him. The man wants to get paid for what he is, the top cornerback in the league. It is not going to come cheap and if we give up enough to get him we are going to want to extend him and it is going to be expensive. While signing him, we have to look into the future of resigning or extending key players such as: Patrick Onwuasor, Matthew Judon, Marlon Humphrey, Michael Pierce and eventually Lamar Jackson, just to name a few. If we had all the money in the world this would be able to happen, but with signing Ramsey it will be hard to keep a lot of these guys on the roster.

The Baltimore Ravens already have enough talent in the secondary to last them so they do not need another corner. We have Marlon Humphrey, Anthony Averett, Maurice Canady, Brandon Carr for another year and do not forget Tavon Young when he is healthy, he is a dog on the field. Will they all turn out to be like Jalen Ramsey, not likely, but Marlon Humphrey has cemented himself in as a top cornerback in the league and we have plenty of talent to fill in around him to get the job done.

The Ravens have a specific type of player that they like to bring in. They like hard working, hard hitting, dedicated leaders that set themselves to a standard and are not happy unless they perform above that standard. Jalen Ramsey no doubt has that aspect, but he is too involved off the field. The Ravens never really get the players that make a lot of noise off the field, calling other players out or who have a big ego. They focus on the ones who use their voices in the locker room and on the field to motivate and help the team get better. Jalen Ramsey is the opposite of that, he is outgoing on and off the field and is not scared to say anything publicly to anyone. He also can have a bit off a temper. I am not downplaying his leadership skills, he has that but he is too involved off the field which would not sit well with the “Play like a Raven” attitude.

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