Where Are The Flacco Haters Now?

I broke out the binoculars, scrolled through Twitter, found nothing, opened Instagram found nothing, lastly, scrolled through Facebook and again found zero.

Where are all the Flacco haters at? Is it hibernation season? Did they all just disappear?

Or maybe they have nothing to complain about since we won the game. Now all is good and Flacco is no longer on some fans’ chopping block.


It is funny how when we lose Flacco is the worst player in the NFL, but when we win nothing is said about him. This is something I would like to call “fairweathered” fans. Bash him when he is bad and praise him when he is good. This is not the way a true fan treats their teams franchise quarterback. You are supposed to stick with him through thick and thin. No matter if he throws ten touchdowns or ten interceptions you stick with him and get ready to cheer your hearts out the following week.

Joe did not have a great game today by any means but he did what he had to do to lead this team to a victory. He protected the ball, made a handful of great throws in critical moments, and finally released that monster arm of his against the Oakland Raiders this afternoon. He finished 19-26 for 222 yards and zero interceptions. Flacco ended the game with a 98.6 passer rating and more importantly a win.

People that bashed him and called for his head last week do not bother showing yourself now, because fans that have supported and defended Joe throughout his career, during both good and bad times are the real fans that get to celebrate this weeks victory.

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Isaiah Stumpf

Hi my name is Isaiah Stumpf. I am currently attending Anne Arundel Community College. I write and cover Maryland Terrapins sports and the Baltimore Ravens for Maryland Sports Blog. I intend to transfer to Towson University and major in Sports Management. I am a true diehard fan of the Ravens and Orioles. I am excited to help this network grow and become something huge!

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