What Dan Duquette Does Not Understand

From a Mother’s Perspective 



          The Baltimore Orioles started out the season very strong.  Their defense was outstanding.  Their batters were complimenting each other and were working together.  What was missing – PITCHING – as always.  We haven’t had really good pitching since 1971 when Palmer, Cuellar, McNally, and Dobson who each won 20 games that season.

Good pitching may be expensive but it is necessary if a team is going to win ballgames.  Sure the O’s have a good bullpen including Britton, O’Day and Brach but the team shouldn’t have to rely on the bullpen in each game.

The O’s need an Ace.  They thought Tillman was going to be the Ace, and we all know that didn’t happen.  The fans pleaded to get rid of Jimenez and Miley who for the most part were very predictably bad.  Just one Ace, like Scherzer, could change the whole complexion of the starting pitcher rotation.  Gauzman has potential and could benefit from a real Ace to help him gain confidence.

Why can’t Duquette see this? Sometimes it feels like he wants us to have bad pitching.  You would think that the powers would want him to find us reliable, good, effective pitching to improve our chances of winning more games and giving our offensive a chance of supporting an effective starter.

        The Baltimore Sun has called Duquette   a “schmuck” and has blamed him for the “Orioles Freefall” and suggest that he needs to go.  His contract is up in 2018, and some speculate that Duquette and Showalter may not renew their contracts.

From this Mother’s Perspective, Duquette is long overdue for replacement.  He has done little to positively grow the pitching staff and help the team.  Showalter needs to be given the pitching staff to get the team on point to get to the World Series again.

Let’s hope the Off-Season brings us a pitching Ace, good starters for our rotation, the loss of ineffective costly pitchers, and someone to take Duquette’s place that actually wants to grow the team!!!!

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