Washington’s win streak reaches four games, beat Raiders 17-15

Heading into the 4th quarter it looked like Washington was going to be able to hold on to a 14-6 lead. The Raiders offense was struggling most of the game especially once they got into the red zone.

Things were starting to look bleak after LV scored their first, and only, touchdown of the game to make it 14-12 and on the Washington ensuing drive Heinicke threw a costly interception. That set up LV to go down and kick a FG with 2:23 left to make it 15-14.

On Washington’s final drive Heinicke looked sharp. He went 4-5 for 47 yards. A run on 3rd down by Curtis Samuel made it a 4th and inches. It looked like Ron was going to go for it but after taking a timeout put Brian Johnson out. It was his first field goal attempt as a member of this team and he drilled the 48 yard field goal with only 37 seconds left.

Vegas only had the chance to run four plays. On those four plays they only got 18 yards and missed on the Hail Mary.

Biggest Impact

Antonio Gibson took the majority of the carries on Sunday and went for 88 yards on the ground with 23 receiving. That is his third straight game having over 100 scrimmage yards. He is also now the NFC leading rusher with 800 yards on the ground.

The defense held Derek Carr under 250 yards passing. In games where Carr is under 250 yards the Raiders are 0-4. It is also only the second time all season he didn’t have a passing touchdown.

Brian Johnson attempted his first field goal as a member of the burgundy and gold. Nailing the 48 yarder with less than a minute to go to give Washington their fourth win in a row.

Heinicke has been thriving as a game manager. Other than the bad interception in the fourth, he never put the offense at a disadvantage. Not only is he making the most of his opportunity this year but he is making a case for the quarterback after 2021. He went 23/30 for 196 yards with two touchdowns and the one interception.

Looking ahead to Dallas

A month ago I wouldn’t have believed that we would be playing meaningful football in December. Washington has put themself as the 6th seed in the NFC and only two games back of Dallas for the NFC East. With the final five games in the division we will see if this team is for real or will disappoint like seasons past.

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