WashingtonCommanders Week 9 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week I breakdown some of the bad throws from Heinicke throughout the game. I also take a look at some of the questionable play calls from Scott Turner. Then on defense I breakdown some of the good D-line play and the touchdowns the Vikings scored. I then finish it up with the penalty at the end of the game, which allowed the Vikings to waste most of the clock.

Heinicke missed throws

Heinicke misses a wide open Logan Thomas.

Heinicke Doesn’t get enough power on this 4th down throw.

Heinicke over throws Thomas and it gets intercepted.

Commanders Touchdowns

Heinicke throws a yolo ball to Samuel.

Dax Milne’s 1st career touchdown.

Play Calling

Who calls a QB Draw on a 3rd and 8?

Defensive plays

Justin Jeffersons touchdown.

Darron Payne gets the Commanders 1st sack of the day.

Jon Allen beats the double team and stuffed the run.

Dalvin Cook lays out to make this touchdown catch.

Game Ending Penalty

You can’t make this penalty at this point of the game.

Wrap up

The Commanders played well enough to win last week especially the defense. The problem was they made too many mistakes in the 4th quarter that would cost them the win. If Heinicke doesn’t throw the interception I believe the Commanders win the game. The Commanders will need to clean up these mistakes if they want to win against the Eagles Monday Night.

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