Washington Commanders Week 3 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week I breakdown the bad O-Line play and who had the worst game up front. Carson Wentz not getting rid of the ball and where he could’ve checked it down too. The big plays given up by the defense and if the coverage was bad. And finally Benjamin St-Juste having a good game and what he did well.

The bad blocking from the O-Line

This is the first pressure of the game and Wes Schweitzer gets blown up,

This was the first sack given up by the Commanders.

Right Tackle gets blow up on this sack fumble.

Andrew Norwell gets killed on this played.

The good plays from the Eagles and bad defense from Commanders

Aj Brown goes up and gets this ball.

DeVonta Smith out jumps the defense to catch this.

Kam Curl needs to make this tackle!

Check the Ball Down Carson!

On this play Carson Wentz has Terry McLaurin open from the start.

Wentz takes a sack fumble here instead of checking it down!

The good from the Defense!

Benjamin St-Juste knocks down a pass in the end zone.

The defense stuffs the Eagles on 4th and short.

Daron Payne forces this safety!!

Trai Turner is not good!

Turner gets walked back into Wentz.

Turner is lost on this screen.

Wrap up

After watching the tape the Commanders are going to have a tough time this week against the Cowboys. The Cowboys lead the league in sacks and the Commanders lead the league in sacks given up. If the Commanders want to win against Dallas they will need to run the ball and get the ball out of quick when they throw. If they don’t Demarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons will have career days. Hopefully Scott Turner will do something different this week when calling plays to get the ball out quick. If not I don’t like the Commanders chances of winning Sunday in Dallas.

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