Washington Commanders Week 2 All-22 Film Breakdown

Every week during the Season I will try to breakdown the film and put it into a blog every Thursday. This week we will take a look at the bad defense Washington displayed on Sunday. I will also go over big plays from the offense and some missed blocks, throws, and turnovers.

Bad Run Defense

The first clip is D’andre Swifts first big run of the game.

The second clips is from a couple of drives later where David Mayo doesn’t slide into the run gap.

The finally bad run defense clip is on the St Brown sweep.

Terrible pass Coverage

The first clip is the Lions first big play of the game that came out of a bunch set.

The Next clip is a coverage breakdown before half.

The final clip is Kendall Fuller getting beat for a touchdown.


The first clip is the sack fumble that resulted in a safety.

The last turnover is the Wentz interception.

This should never happen in the NFL!!

This clip is Swift getting up off the turf and scoring a touchdown

The good plays by the offense!

Jahan Dotson staring out the second half with a bang!

This next clips is Curtis Samuel hanging on to a tough touchdown catch.

Logan Thomas scores his first touchdown after torn ACL.

The final clips Is rookie Jahan Dotson making a great touchdown Catch

Wrap Up

After looking at the All-22 film the defense has some serious problems. Starting up front trying to stop the run and guys not filling the correct holes. Then in the secondary they are having communication problems and playing terrible in coverage. Now for the offense if Wentz has time to throw he will be able to move the ball down the field and put up points. The O-line will be tested again this week with a good Eagles D-line coming in and a backup center playing for the Commanders.

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