Washington Commanders Week 10 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week on the offense I breakdown some of the big plays the commanders had, both touchdowns, and Heinicke’s int. Then for the defense I looked at the interception by Darrick forrest, Hurts jump pass TD, and some good defensive plays. I also breakdown Joey Slye’s 58 yard field goal. Finally I wrap it up breaking down the roughing the passer penalty, which essentially ended the game.


Heinicke gets stripped sacked.

Very next drive Washington answers with a touchdown from Gibson.

Great job By Heinicke by making this throw knowing he is going to take a hit.

This play saved the drive and allowed the Commanders to score a touchdown on the drive.

Brian Robinson carries defenders and scores a touchdown!!

Heinicke makes this huge pass to Terry McLaurin.

Heinicke missed two guys wide open for a touchdown.

Heinicke’s interception.


Jalen Hurts looks like Tim Tebow with this jump pass.

Darrick forrest takes the ball away from AJ Brown.

Fuller makes a huge third down stop by breaking this pass up.

Huge Sack by Sweat, which gave the ball back to the Commanders with just under two minutes left in the game.

Joey Slye!

Joey Slye makes a 58 yard field goal with the laces pointed the wrong way.

Game ending penalty

This was the right call by the refs.

Wrap Up

The Commanders played a great game on Monday night. They were fortunate that the Eagles turned the ball over three times, which helped the Commanders win the game. It also helped that the Commanders were able to control the ball when they had it. This week the Commanders play the Houston Texans in Houston. The game will be at 1PM on Fox. The biggest test this week will be stopping the Texans run attack. If they do that the Commanders should win the game and get back to over .500.

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