Washington Capitals-Detroit Red Wings Live Chat

Assuming this live chat application works, I (Dave) will be running a live chat for the Capitals-Red Wings game tonight. Words cannot express how excited I am for this game. The two best teams in the NHL so far this year facing off. Granted, it’s not under ideal conditions- Detroit, thanks to the NHL’s horrible scheduling, just played (from what I heard) a very physical game last night in Detroit, and they have to play the Capitals tonight in Washington. But still, the Red Wings will be a good test for the Capitals. The Red Wings know how to win, and since they are a very experienced team, they’ve gone through pretty much every situation you can go through in hockey and persevered.

Here’s the link, ¬†hopefully this works: Capitals-Red Wings Live Chat 10/22/2011 – Join Now! (LIVE Chat for Websites)

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