UMBC Retrievers Men’s Soccer lose in face-off against the UNH Wildcats

This past Saturday on October 14th, the UMBC Retrievers were up against the UNH Wildcats in a fierce soccer game that left fans on their toes. The Retrievers have had a solid streak so far with 6-3-3 and will be facing a team with a record of 7-1-4.

The first half saw both teams defending their goals well with saves from Joseba Inerca on UMBC’s side and Emigdio Lopez from the UNH respectably. This continued for remainder of the period as neither side was ready to give in to the other. Once the second half started, Bilal Kamal from UNH was able to score the first goal of the match to take the lead.

Just when it seemed like UNH would take the win, Taylor Calheira from UMBC scored a goal against Lopez to tie the match once again. From here though, the Wildcats’ dominance was clear as they netted 3 more goals to eventually win the match with the scored ending 4-1.

This will be a match to remember because of the unpredictable nature of soccer, where anything can happen, turning a tied game into a one-sided triumph. This isn’t the end of the Retrievers though as they will be playing against the University of Vermont on this Saturday on October 21st which looks to be a promising match.

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