Tweets about the Orioles game

9 up, 9 down for Romero.Fri Jul 16 23:55:18 via web

@Alleycat17 Really Enjoying This Game Tonight. Listening To Jim Palmer (HOF) And Rob Hunter Call The Game – NO Gary “Hurt Your Ears” Thorne!Sat Jul 17 00:57:46 via web

Felix!Sat Jul 17 00:58:56 via web

Am I drunk or is @FakeMattAlbers pitching well?Sat Jul 17 00:55:00 via txt

Great piece of hitting by Pie. Big fan of that guy.Sat Jul 17 00:59:28 via TweetDeck

actual hustle from Julio Lugo…. #signsoftheapocalypseSat Jul 17 01:03:58 via TweetDeck

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