Towson Suffers Frustration Filled Fall to Monmouth

Nikita Konstantynovskyi MBB Monmouth vs. Towson 1-4-2024

So a little disclaimer here, I did not get to watch Towson’s game against Monmouth last night. Why? The game was on the absolute garbage service of FloSports, that’s why. As much as I love my alma mater, I don’t love it enough to pay exorbitant fees to watch a trash broadcast.

With that in mind, I was keeping up with the game as best I could an it looked like an absolutely head-scratching performance. Managing only 41 points is rare, even for a high school team; managing that while only giving up 51 compounds the frustrating nature of the final score. It’s hard to know if Monmouth’s defense is just that stingy, or if the offense did their best impersonation of UMD’s shooting abilities without watching the game. However, I do know that shooting 26.7% from the field, 21.4% from the three point line and 62.5% from the charity stripe stinks so bad it could gag a maggot.

Towson let up 21 points to Senior Guard Xander Rice which begs the question, “who was guarding that guy?” Maybe at some point they could’ve tried something to stop the guy wearing 21 on his jersey. Given that the next highest scorer on Monmouth put up only 9 points, I feel like the strategy of forcing someone other than Rice to beat you could’ve been effective.

Not to beat the point to death, but I’m not sure what happened in this game. What I am sure of is that the Tigers need to get their acts together if they don’t want to get destroyed at home by UNCW tomorrow. Yes, the Seahawks just lost to Drexel on the road. However, I’m acutely aware that this is the same team that took down a top 15 team in Kentucky and put up 90 points in a loss to Arkansas. There’s only 43 hours between the tipoff in New Jersey, and the start of tomorrow’s game. I hope that Coach Skerry and staff have found something that will get the team on the right track.

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