Top five most underrated bands, number four Mudhoney


Bio– One of the founders of the Grunge music scene. Front man Mark Arm and Mudhoney were one of the most influential rock bands for the grunge scene. Mudhoney combined blues with punk and heavy distortion to make a unique sound. Mudhoney never really made it into mainstream radio but they have left their mark on music. They continue to record music, having a long eight studio album discography.

Why they are underrated– Their song “Touch Me I’m Sick” was one of the earliest grunge singles and influenced many musicians in the Seattle area, such as Kurt Cobain. That song alone is considered legendary, yet I have never even heard it on any rock radio station. The rest of their material is great, some of my personal favorites in “Here Comes Sickness” and “You Got it” both of which are fun songs.

How good are they really– Mudhoney is a classic band they are truly one of the more influential bands from their time. Their songs are fun and they come off as being somewhat of a garage band but they are very techinqually sound. Mark Arm is not the greatest vocalist in the world but he is more than capable of holding a tone. Mudhoney’s self-titled debut album is a classic and a must have for any rock music fan.

Rating of the band– A-

Last comments– Music may not be the same without Mudhoney, their lack of commercial success should not hurt their legacy.

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