Tom Wilson’s appeal update

Yesterday, Tom Wilson had his appeal hearing in front of Commissioner Gary Bettman in New York. After the 7 hour appeal meeting no decision was reached, the Commissioner will read the transcript of the meeting over the weekend and write his ruling. He will release his determination midweek.

Good news? Bad news for Tom Wilson? Clearly this means that Wilson’s representation have valid arguments about how the suspension of 20 games is way too much and that it should be decreased. If the Commissioner decides to retain the initial 20 game suspension, Wilson will have then the choice to appeal in front on a neutral arbitrator. This can be a long process and even be done by the time that Wilson has completed his 20 game suspension. If the arbitrator finds that the amount of games for the suspension should be lower after he has completed the 20 games, he at least will be entitle to get paid for those extra games.

What will it be?…stay tuned…

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