The Washington Commanders hire Eric Bieniemy as new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach

This is a great hire by Ron Rivera and the Commanders. Hopefully this move will help make the Commanders a top 10 offense in 2023. The Commanders ranked 20th in total yards in the 2022 season and had the 21st passing attack.

Eric Bieniemy is coming from the Kansas City Chiefs where he was the offensive coordinator since 2018. This year the chiefs had the top offense in the NFL. The Chiefs averaged over 400 yards per game from the offense and had the top passing attack in the NFL.

Now why would Bieniemy make this lateral move? One he will have a bigger role and full control of the offense in Washington. With the Chiefs Andy Reid was the main play caller. Bieniemy would help with the game plan and make plays, but would not call them during the game. The second reason why Bieniemy is moving to Washington is the Commanders are going to pay him more because of the bigger title he will have. The final reason for the move is he could become the head coach after the 2023 season. If Ron Rivera does not have a good year this year he will most likely be let go by the new owners. He may also step down after the 2023 season as well. If either of those two things happen Bieniemy would become the top candidate to become the Commanders next head coach.

For me I can not wait to see what this offense will be next year. Most likely Sam Howell will be running the show at quarterback in 2023. He did impress in his first NFL start against the Cowboys. The thing that excites me the most is seeing how Bieniemy uses all the speed the Commanders have at wide receiver and running back. My expectations are that the Commanders become a top 15 offense in 2023. This will hopefully mean the offense will be able to win games for the Commanders instead of relying on the defense to get stops.

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