The PLL Top 50 Came Out and a Mistake Was Made

It’s that time of year where the players of the PLL are asked to vote on who they think the top 50 players in their league are. Guys will have some biases no doubt, but overall it does feel like the list is well thought out with a lot of consideration put into each selection. Normally, I’m the type who will say players know best when it comes to other players. However, these guys are human and capable of making mistakes. The mistake came in the top two players. Tom Schreiber at 1, Lyle Thompson at 2.

But wait, I’m an Archers fan, why am I not ecstatic that the guy on my team is #1? I love watching Captain America play and he’s got the type of talent and skillset that people would kill to have. That’s not going to change the majesty that is Lyle Thompson though.
    Watching Thompson play is like watching poetry in motion. The man uses his stick and the corners of the cage as his canvas. If he’s not shaking defenders and getting easy shots off he’s using his brush to bring in other colors of paint (teammates) to create his masterpiece. I don’t have a painting analogy to describe how helpless defenders can feel against him, but I’ll just say it would be like me trying to have a drawing competition against Van Gogh or Rembrandt. Lyle Thompson could sit on the bench for 3 straight games and still be the best player in the league.

    It’s not Lyle’s fault he had to play on an awful team that didn’t deserve to have him. He is and always will be the top player in the PLL until the day he retires. #freeLyle

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