The Orioles need to end the Chris Owings experiment and who could replace him

The Baltimore Orioles have been playing some exciting baseball but with a 22-31 record they have struggled in games when starters have missed. The Orioles have a deep field of prospects and the number one farm system in the league. The issue is not talent, it is holding on to some veterans that are not performing, that is where Chris Owings comes in.

Owings is a veteran utility player who can play some decent defense at multiple positions. Owings bat however is no where to be found and with a .107 average, .256 on base percentage and a .143 slugging percentage. Owings has more walks, 10 than hits, 6 on the season in 68 plate appearances.

Owings has been an absolute rally killer for the Orioles. The Orioles have had some good utility players in the past like Ryan Flaherty who could field every position at a Gold Glove level and have occasional power if he ever got a hold of a pitch.

The Orioles have been overall protective of their top prospects but if they want to win it has to change. Owings is a liability and is costing the Orioles games by his inability to hit the baseball at a Major League Level. The Orioles have multiple internal options.

  1. Gunnar Henderson: Henderson would not be used as a utility player he would start. Henderson is crushing AA pitching with a .315 average, .517 slugging and .460 on base percentage. Henderson has already been walked 41 times which tells me that AA pitchers are not even pitching to him and he is still crushing them. Henderson is an Super Prospect ready for the Majors but will likely be kept down for way too long. Henderson will not learn much more at the AAA level where teams have more reserve Major Leaguers or AAAA players than talent to challenge the young slugger. Henderson can also play multiple infield positions, hit for power and steal bases.
  2. Richie Martin: Orioles fans will remember Richie as he has Major League experience. The former Rule-5 pick is playing very well at AAA with a .281 average and can play all over with very good defense and speed. While he may not be a power bat he will definitely play the role of utility guy.
  3. Tyler Nevin: Nevin has already made an appearance with the Orioles and has done better than Owings. Nevin is crushing AAA pitching with a .319 average and can play multiple infield and outfield positions. Nevin is better than Owings, while the Orioles may want him to get more regular at bats than a utility player he has a good batting eye and can help the big club.
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