The Orioles have their Super Star in Adley Rutschman, now it is time for Angelos to man up and extend him

The Baltimore Orioles have their Super Star Adley Rutschman who will be the face of the franchise for years to come. Rutschman made his debut last season and was runner up for the rookie of the year. The last time the Orioles had a young super star, Manny Machado they did not even attempt to re-sign him, instead they waited until the last minute to trade him. John Angelos who is Orioles COO and son of owner Peter Angelos needs to man up and extend Rutschman early in his career.

Rutschman’s callup marked the start of the Orioles and their winning ways, from the moment it was announced that he was making his debut it seemed like a new energy took over Baltimore. Rutschman had a slow offensive start but finished his rookie campaign with a .254 average, 35 doubles, 13 home runs, and 65 walks. Rutschman rarely swung at balls and made it clear that the Orioles next group of Mike Elias drafted prospects will be patient, athletic and good defenders.

Rutschman opened the season hitting a home run and went five for five with a walk against the Boston Red Sox. It was a historic opening day for Rutschman who became the first catcher in MLB history to record five hits on opening day. For the Orioles home opener Rutschman had a key RBI with a base hit after a long at bat.

Rutschman is 25 years old and entering his prime, he will not be arbitration eligible until 2026 and will not be a free agent until 2029. The cost of MLB contracts rises each year and if the Orioles want a good shot at re-signing Rutschman the earlier the better.

Catchers value as they get older can be hard to predict, a deal for Rutschman that covers him until his early 30’s would be ideal. The Orioles need a star that is an Oriole for life. Nick Markakis and Adam Jones were long tenured Orioles but Markakis left in free agency and spent his last few years with the Atlanta Braves. Jones too left when the Orioles went into rebuilding and bounced around until he finished his career playing in Japan. As an Oriole fan it was hard to see those two leave especially Markakis who had several productive years including an All-Star year with the Braves.

For Rutschman the talent is obvious and he is already the face and leader of the Orioles. It is up to John Angelos to man-up reward Rutschman instead of waiting when contracts will be higher a few years down the line.

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