Opinion: The Orioles Will Stay in Baltimore

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As rumors continue to swirl around the Orioles’ future in Baltimore, news broke this week that the O’s will decline the five year lease extension for OPACY extended to them by Maryland Stadium Authority. The news was met with widespread dismay among the Birdland faithful who loathe to even think about the O’s leaving Baltimore. 

But I’m here to quell the fears of my fellow Orioles fans. Here’s why this news may actually be a good thing.

The Press Release

Immediately following the news about the deal’s rejection, the Baltimore Orioles social media accounts distributed an official press release reaffirming the goal of keeping the Orioles in Baltimore. The statement was co-authored by Maryland governor Wes Moore, indicating that the state government is in full support of maintaining the status quo. To read it click this link.

Not only did the release promise to keep the O’s in Charm City, but it outlined the desire to invest in both OPACY, and the Camden Yards complex as a whole. The ultimate goal appears to be an expansion of the complex that would include more restaurants, shops, and general attractions. If a lease is signed, $600 million will immediately be released to be used for stadium improvements.

It’s no surprise that Maryland wants the Orioles to stay put – Oriole Park is a phenomenal venue that played host to both Billy Joel in 2019, and Paul McCartney in 2022. Events like these, combined with the millions who attend ball games, helps the city grow its reputation as a tourist destination. It also helps financially; the over priced concessions and merchandise and games is a boon for both the city of Baltimore and Maryland given the 6% tax rate that they both collect on every purchase made.


It’s no secret that distrust of current ownership is prevalent in Birdland. From the fan’s perspective, the Angelos family seems incompetent at best, and downright dishonest at worst. News broke in 2022 that Lou, the younger of the Angelos brothers, had filed a lawsuit against both his brother John, and his mother Georgia. Lou Angelos maintains that John wants to retain complete control of the Orioles organization, and would even like to see the O’s move to Nashville. 

Speculation around the Angelos family remains hazy. But, at the very least, John Angelos has not publicly indicated that he wants to move the team. On the contrary, in 2019 he boldly proclaimed, “As long as Fort McHenry is standing watch over the Inner Harbor, the Orioles will remain in Baltimore.” He repeated that sentiment in 2022 when intra-family boiled over after details of the lawsuits were released, “As I have said before, as long as Fort McHenry is standing watch over the Inner Harbor, the Orioles will remain in Baltimore.”

Affirmations from Manfred and Owners

If his public statements are anything to go by, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is similarly against letting the Birds find a new home. During winter meetings this offseason Manfred said, “as long as I have this job, I think you can count on the fact the Orioles are going to be in Baltimore.” 

Relocations in MLB are rare. They’re logistical nightmares, they take time, and they take substantial financial resources. To move a team, an owner must find a willing city, a vacant ballpark, and get 75% of MLB team’s owners to agree. These barriers make it difficult to see how a relocation proposal would even get off the ground.


I know the prospect of a vacant Camden Yards is a scary one. But I have a hard time seeing Manfred and the club owners who have a vested interest in modern ballpark success stories, let OPACY be abandoned. The ballpark has long been voted among the best in baseball, and allowing it to become unoccupied and decrepit would be a PR disaster for everybody involved.

So, with cautious optimism, I will venture to say that the Orioles will likely be in Baltimore for a very, very long time.

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