The Forgotten Gem: Tyus Bowser

What’s the definition of a hidden Gem?

Something that isn’t well known or popular. But, has something special or unique about it that inspires positive feelings.

Tyus Bowser fits that definition very well for the Baltimore Ravens. Let me explain my reasoning behind Tyus Bowser being the Ravens “Hidden Gem.” Tyus Bowser was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2017 out of Houston. Tyus Bowser when drafted was supposed to be the next Big time pass rusher in Ravens history. During Bowser 4 year career at Houston, he recorded 22.5 sacks and 3 Forced Fumbles. The Ravens were in search for the next Terrell Suggs who last season in Baltimore was in 2018.

Tyus Bowser is the Forgotten Gem for the Baltimore Ravens because he has missed the last year and a half with recovering from a Achilles injury he suffered in a Week 17 game in 2021 vs the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. He spent all 2022 working out, trying to get back on the field for the Baltimore Ravens. But, when he came back he just didn’t look like the Bowser Ravens fan remember. Another reason was because the Ravens didn’t feel the need to rush him back into the lineup because Justin Houston was having a great season and by the time he was ready to play. Ravens QB Lamar Jackson went down with injury and Mike McDonald wanted to have Tyus bowser 100 percent for this upcoming season. Another reason behind Tyus Bowser is that he has shown in his young career that he can both drop back into coverage when needed and rush the passer.

Now, you might say that his number doesn’t show it. But, if you actually watch film on Bowser you will see the impact. Ravens former Defensive Coordinator, Wink Martingdale gave Bowser a nickname that stuck out to me. He called him a swiss army knife. Just for the reasons stated above. That name was well deserved. Not only did Wink bring out a side in Bowser that added to his game. Tyus Bowser loved it. Mike McDonald have proven in his year back in Baltimore that he as well can unlock potential in players as well. Take a look at second year player Kyle Hamilton for example. Many looked at Kyle Hamilton as a box safety that was a replacement for Anthony Levine. Hamilton during his rookie campaign improved from week to week defending and covering WR’s. Now, Kyle Hamilton is becoming a fan favorite in Baltimore. Mike McDonald can use Bowser’s versatility as a pass rusher and a coverage guy against running backs, and tight ends. The name “swiss army knife” is a great name for Bowser because of his immediate impact coming back off the achilles injury suffered a few years back. During Bowser short NFL career as a Baltimore Raven, he has 19.5 sacks (career high of 7.0 sacks in 2021), and 3 interceptions. Also, his ability to rush the QB and drop in coverage. Ravens fans are really hype about the young core of David Ojabo and Odafeh Oweh impact. But missing the “Swiss Army Knife” in Tyus Bowser. Tyus Bowser is poised to show fans that he is back to be the “Next Big Thing” in Baltimore that Ravens fans will remember.

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