The Bryant McKinnie situation

The Baltimore Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie has yet to report to the Ravens for training camp. It is only a few days into camp but it bears the question as to why he would be missing. McKinnie attended the mini-camps and was reportedly working hard to lose some wait in the off season.

Some reports say he is missing due to personal matters. It is unclear as to what those matters are and communication with the Ravens has not been clear. McKinnie does not have an agent that the Ravens can call to find out what is going on.

McKinnie tweets on a regular basis and has not tweeted in days. If the Ravens were to cut McKinnie they would open up some salary cap according to this tweet from Brian McFarland.

If the Ravens were without McKinnie this season Micheal Oher would move to the left tackle spot. Oher has already been practicing at left tackle with the absence of McKinnie.

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