Taylor Swift announces tour dates at NFL stadiums but skips FedEx Field

Taylor Swift is a successful artist with a massive cult following. Now Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder will have to deal with those angry followers as she will not be performing at FedEx Field.

Swift announced her The Eras Tour in NFL stadiums across the country. She won’t be in the Washington, D.C. area. This latest gaffe is the same reason the World Cup won’t be played at FedEx. Say what you want about FedEx Field but in stadium rankings from numerous news outlets it’s ranked dead last.

Perhaps it’s because of the railing collapse, or a pipe bursting or maybe it’s because of how it’s a chore to make the trek out there for a Commanders game. The traffic to get to the stadium is bad. If you chose to ride the Metro, it’s a long walk to the parking lots. And there’s just that around the stadium. Parking lots. No bars or restaurants or any other pregame attractions other than tailgating.

Snyder is fighting like hell to remain owner of his team for reasons all of us can’t seem to understand. He is failing to get himself a new stadium and many owners are starting to turn on him as everyone awaits the results of the Mary Jo White investigation. There was a toxic workplace environment under his watch and never mind the bad products on the field, it’s the way he conducted himself OFF the field that has him in hot water.

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