Steelers hate week. (warning this is strong opinion)

As most of you know, the Baltimore Ravens travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers this Sunday. In my biased opinion it is the best rivalry in football. It is a rare, old-school, hard-hitting football game. I give it the edge over the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys rivalry.
Anyway, while talking about the Steelers mascot, Steely McBeam, which to be honest a lot of fans do not even know the name of. I started to think he has to be one of the worst mascots in sports. Let’s think about it, he might be the last “steeler” left in Pittsburgh since the steel places dried up. So he might have to find another career soon. Luckily he can always do this, because this is the guy that he reminded me of.  Yes, is the gay plumber from MAD TV, and yes it is meant to give everyone a laugh.  Do not be offended, unless of course you are Steely McBeam….

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