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Smackdown is live from Omaha NE this week and Renee Young is already in the ring. She welcomes her guests Team Hell No. She calls last weeks reunion of Daniel Brian and Kane “The hug felt around the world”. Kane says they are back and better than ever. Kane comments on how Daniel Bryan has a bit of a temper, but Bryan always has a demon watching over him. When Bryan comments how that isn’t always true. He brings up the fact that last time Kane tried ending Bryan’s career. Bryan also brings up how Kane attempted to abduct Brie Bella. Kane says “Lets not dig up the past.” They then get into a yes/no argument when the Uso’s interrupt. They welcome Team Hell No to the Uso penitentiary. When the Uso’s make fun of Team Hell No for getting a tag title shot because they hugged,Paige comes out and announces that the Uso’s will face Team Hell No and if the Uso’s win they will join the title shot in a triple threat match.

Jeff Hardy cuts another Brother Nero promo while wearing red, white, and blue face paint announcing an Independence Day United States Championship open challenge. The Miz accepts the challenge. Corey Graves compares The Miz to Lebron James leaving Cleveland for LA. The match starts out going back and forth. Jeff Hardy goes to the top rope looking to finish the match quickly with a swanton bomb. Miz rolls out of the ring. During the split screen commercial break, Hardy hits a diving crossbody off the apron. As Hardy seems to be taking control of the match Miz lands a knee to the midsection. Hardy starts a comeback after blocking punches. Hardy jumped off the steps only to miss Miz and hit the barricade. The action goes back to the ring and Hardy lands a whisper in the wind for a near fall. Miz reverses a twist of fate with a rollup pin. Mis uses the ropes for a leverage pin, but the red stops the count at two. Miz thinks he won. Hardy hits a twist of fate followed by a wanton bomb and the 3 count victory.

The New Day comes out for a pancake eating contest. After Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E are introduced by Byron Saxton the competition begins. Seconds into the pancake eating contest the lights go out. Sanity’s music hits and when the lights come back Sanity is in the ring attacking New Day. Killian Dain throws Big E over the announce table, cross bodies Kofi, then Dain and Wolfe put Woods on a table and Eric Young delivers an elbow drop from the top rope.

James Ellsworth comes to the ring sporting a “Nobody is ready for Ellsworth” shirt. Ellsworth decides to delay the start of the match after Carmella joins commentary. Ellsworth starts stretching and doing push ups in his corner. When the bell rings Asuka wastes no time by striking strong and picks up Ellsworth for an airplane spin. Ellsworth acts like he is about to be sick. Asuka slaps him hard and the crowd pops. She follows up with a spinning back fist. Ellsworth has had enough and runs into the crowd with Asuka in chase. Both are counted out. As they come back to ringside Carmella blindsides Asuka. Mella and Ellsworth walk up the ramp celebrating.

WWE Champion AJ Styles enters the ring to face Aiden English with Rusev in his corner. In the funniest moment of the night. Rusev takes the mic before the match and says “Oh AJ…” English attacks and Rusev says “Nevermind”. English dominates during the commercial break. Styles builds a comeback with strikes and a big clothesline. Styles picks up the pace here. Looks for the Styles Clash, but instead gives it up for the calf crusher. English taps out and Rusev attacks. After a big kick Rusev locks in the accolade as Styles passes out from the pain.

Payton Royce starts out very aggressive tonight putting Becky Lynch in the corner and uses her shoulders to Lynch’s midsection. Royce is in control with an abdominal stretch. Again the same move on the ground this time. Lynch starts to head butt Royce in the stomach then ducks a roundhouse kick. Lynch catches Royce with the Bexploder duplex. Royce then taps out to the disarmer for the win.

Jimmy Uso goes for a headlock to start our main event. Daniel Bryan gets Jimmy to the ground and starts stretching him out in Bryan’s corner. Kane tags in kicking the exposed Jimmy. Both the Uso’s attack Kane on the outside with suicide dives one after the other. Back in the ring Daniel is sent into the corner, but runs up the turnbuckles and flips over Jimmy. Bryan starts his yes kicks until Jey distracts Bryan and Jimmy connects with an enziguri. Both teams get hot tags after both Bryan and Jimmy collide on a cross body. The Uso’s open up a superkick party on both Daniel Bryan and Kane. Kane then chokeslams Jey and Bryan hits Jimmy with a running knee strike. Kane pins Jey for the win. Both Daniel Bryan and Kane start a yes chant until The Bludgeon Brothers come out and stare at Team Hell No as we go off the air.

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