Shawne Merriman shares his thoughts on the Ravens

Former NFL All-Pro linebacker and Maryland Terrapin alumn Shawne Merriman has been active since his retirement.  Merriman owns the Lights Out Brand which has awesome sporting goods and I encourage everyone to check it out.  Merriman is still very connected to Maryland and we got a chance to talk about the Baltimore Ravens.

“Do you think the Ravens have a chance at having a historic defense?”


They could be but I wouldn’t compare them to the Ravens(2000) team just yet but they have the makings. Terrell Suggs keeps getting after it and will be a huge part of helping out the young guns Za’Darius Smith and Matt Judon, they are extremely lucky to have Suggs there and should literally be a sponge and soak up any information they can. Michael Pierce is a beast as well, with him apply pressure and collapsing the pocket those outside rushers can stay on their paths to the QB making life easier. 

“Where do you think the safety combo of Weddle and Jefferson ranks in the league and all time?”

They’re not just good they’re great.Having spent time playing with Eric Weddle with the Chargers I can say he’s one of the smartest, instinctive players I ever have the opportunity to play with. He’ll be a Hall of Fame when it’s done.

“If you, Terrell Suggs and JJ Watt played on the same line how many sacks would you have total. And who would have the most sacks?”

They would combined over 30 sacks but JJ would have more sacks(T-Sizzle is getting old) kidding.

“Do you think the Ravens offense has a chance to shine this season?”

Absolutely they have three explosive wide receivers who was once a top receiver for their teams at one point before injury or things just went sour. Jermey Maclin is back to the player he once was and looks like he’s a threat again. Danny Woodhead is one of my favorites to watch because he’s a straight up grinder and one of the (put him anywhere) and he’ll make plays.  I always liked him because what he lacked in size he makes up for in heart.

“Do you think Adrian Peterson would be a good fit for the Ravens?”

Adrian Peterson would change the landscape of this offense, he may not be the AP of five years ago but he would make defenses respect him enough where they can load the box allowing at least one of the three capable wide receivers to always be one-on-one.

Merriman thinks the Ravens offense could really be good. The Ravens did however place Danny Woodhead on injured reserve but he is eligible to return. Peterson is unhappy with the way New Orleans Saints have used him and could be a trade candidate.

I agree with Merriman on the Ravens defense, they are super talented and they have one of the best secondaries I have ever seen.  Do not forget to check out some of Merriman’s stuff, I have some of his shirts and they are my personal favorite workout t-shirts.

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