Updated:Rolando McClain could sign with the Ravens (now has agreed to terms)

Rumors are the Baltimore Ravens are close to signing middle linebacker Rolando McClain.  Rolando is the cousin of Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain and was recently released from the Oakland Raiders.

Rolando is a young linebacker who has already recorded 244 career tackles in three seasons and is only 23 years old.  Off the field issues have been the biggest trouble for McClain who has had several issues.  McClain was suspended for two games by the Raiders last season.

The Ravens have a history of bringing in players with questionable character issues and turning them into model citizens, that is one of the strongest things the organization does. Jimmy Smith is a prime example of a player who dropped in the draft because of his character issues.  Since joining the Ravens Smith has had no off the field issues what so ever.

Jameel McClain has been nothing but a standup player for the Ravens on and off the field and I can see him keeping Rolando in check.  Also keep in mind that McClain is extremely young and not to make any excuses but a young talented player playing for a team like the Raiders has to be discouraging.  The Raiders have been known for being a dis-functional franchise and have not been good at developing high-round draft picks.

The Ravens will give McClain a better chance at being successful.   Players tend to clean up their act when trying to win a championship and that is why players are signing with the Ravens.

McClain had five sacks in 2011 and could be a complete steal.

Here is a tweet from the Ravens twitter page about the potential deal.

Update:  Looks like a done deal, McClain has agreed to terms with the Ravens with a one-year contract.  It would be nice if the Ravens got some option years with it but the NFL does not usually work like that.  Good move my the Ravens, McClain could end up being one of their starting middle linebackers.  McClain still needs to take the physical before the deal is finalized as with all deals.


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