Ravens Stand Ground at Deadline

The NFL trade deadline ended yesterday, and while several teams were buyers and sellers, the Ravens stood pat failing to work out a deal before the 4 P.M. deadline. The Ravens had been linked to several players most notably Titans running back Derrick Henry, Giants running back Saquon Barkley, and Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter.

But as the trade deadline neared reports came out that the Titans and Giants were unwilling to part with their franchise backs even with the influx of calls from teams across the league.

The Ravens do a great job at keeping many things close to the vest with little if any information leaking out from the team. However, in the last hour reports came out stating the Ravens were in conversation to acquire Raiders running back Josh Jacobs. But whatever conversations were had were all for not as a deal did not come about as the clock struck four, leaving the Ravens without a single trade successfully completed.

While disappointing two things should be remembered. The first being that it takes two to tango. The Ravens appeared to be desperately trying to make an acquisition, but if a team is unwilling, or the asking price in return is simply to high it makes sense for the Ravens and GM Eric DeCosta to not accept. For some teams the unwillingness to sell could be a product of the possibility they can make a late season run or they simply value said player much higher then teams around the league do. While also the realization for a team looking to buy, like the Ravens, if a player of Barkley or Henry’s caliber is worth the price if only for a potential half season rental.

The second thing that should be remembered is the Ravens are a good football team with their current roster. They are 6-2, first place in the AFC north, and tied for the best record in the entire conference. Any deal that would have been completed yesterday mostly would have been a luxury rather then a true need.

At outside linebacker both David Ojabo and Tyus Bowser are working their way back from injury, in the secondary Marcus Williams and Pepe Williams appear primed to be returning in several weeks as well. At running back Gus Edwards leads the way coming off a three touchdown performance last week , along with Justice Hill and Keaton Mitchell who have shown flashes that they too can carry their weight. The Ravens can always improve and make their roster better but in doing so at the deadline it comes at a cost, and for the Ravens they have several impact players that will soon hopefully return making them that much stronger for a playoff run.

The trade deadline is an exciting time as it leaves fans envisioning certain players on their team and the major impacts they can have. While the Ravens failed to add an impact player, sometimes that isn’t always necessary for short term and long-term success only time will tell.

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