Ravens report card week 7: The defense

Defensive line: The defensive line was much improved with Terrell Suggs returning.  They did not let Arian Foster break 100 yards which is an improvement from the last two games.  The defensive line still needed to pressure the quarterback more.  Grade C

Linebackers: This unit needs to get better at tackling.  Two many ball carriers are getting to the secondary.  Dannell Ellerbe had a good game replacing Ray Lewis, he led the team in tackles with 12.  Grade C

Secondary: This is the biggest unit of concern.  The individual players have not been terrible but the communication has really hurt the team.  Receivers have been way too wide open and Jimmy Smith needs to clean up his coverage.  Smith was beat a couple of times and did not have safety help.  Grade D

Coaching: The coaching is what really concerns me about this group.  Sure players are injured but the talent is there for the Ravens defense, they can clean things up.  Grade F

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