Ravens report card versus Seahawks

Quarterback– Joe Flacco was given full responsibility of the Ravens offense. He threw the ball 52 times and completed 29 of those passes. Flacco threw an interception along with a touchdown pass. I thought he played well, the offense was not the reason the Ravens lost this game, now was Flacco. Grade B

Running backs– Ray Rice had his first career touchdown pass when he completed a short pass to Ed Dickson. Over wise the run game was a none factor, Rice led the team with 27 passing yards. That will not win many games. Grade C

Receivers- Ed Dickson showed great hands the entire game, he had 10 receptions and two touchdowns. The tight ends and running backs accounted for most of the receptions. The wide receivers only had 5 receptions total. Grade B

Offensive line– Flacco was only sacked one time. They blocked Seattle well and gave Flacco time in the pocket. The lack of false start penalties was a positive sign. Grade B

Defensive line– They played better than they looked. Marshawn Lynch may have had 109 rushing yards but he needed 32 carries to do it. Later in the game is when the defense wore down. Grade B

Linebackers– Jameel McClain and Ray Lewis played well but Terrell Suggs and Jarret Johnson were relatively quiet. All of them had a lot of tackles because Seattle ran the ball a lot. Grade B-

Secondary– A few miscommunication issues but other than that they were solid. They could have been better. Chris Carr needs to play better. Grade C

Special Teams– This unit lost the game. The two David Reed fumbles were huge and the two missed field goals by Billy Cundiff did not help either. Grade F

Coaching staff– Another letdown, coaching can not be blamed for the two David Reed fumbles. The fumbles were the biggest reason the Ravens lost. Grade B

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