Ravens recent arrest are a bad start to the off season

96px-Ray_Rice_2012Ray Rice and Deonte Thompson have both been arrested this off season and it is causing them to bring negative attention to the Ravens.  Rice was arrested for assault and has been all over head lines.  Thompson was arrested with suspicion of marijuana position.

Rice and Thompson may both face suspensions, with Thompson’s suspension being a bit more predictable.  If Thompson fails a drug test for having marijuana in his system he will get a typical four-game suspension.  I have a feeling Thompson may get that anyway following reports.

From a legal stand point Thompson’s offense is extremely minor and he will probably receive probation or a fine.  Thompson will continue to battle for a roster spot.  I think Thompson is a very good receiver but this arrest will not help his cause.  Thompson had ten receptions last season.

Rice’s situation is a little more cloudy, Rice had a reputation for being a great member of the community and was involved with several charities.  Rice has never had a problem with the law and was known as being one of the good guys of the league.

The following video of Rice dragging his fiance has blown up news stations and the internet.  Rice has a public relations battle ahead of him to regain his reputation.

Rice’s position on the Ravens is secure unless the Ravens got help by the NFL to terminate his contract.  Rice would be a huge cap hit for the Ravens, causing about $15 million to go to waste in the next two seasons.

Lets hope the Ravens stay out of trouble for the rest of the off season because the last thing they need is to have a bad reputation.  The Ravens need to concentrate on free agency and the draft and Rice and Thompson are distracting from that.

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