Ravens fans need to prepare to let Lamar Jackson go

The Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson have been in contract negotiations since last offseason. The Ravens have offered Jackson multiple contracts all of which Jackson has refused. Check out my article on how a trade of Jackson could be helpful to the Ravens.

Regardless on your stance on if you want the Ravens to keep Jackson or not it is time for Ravens fans to come to terms with them trading him. As a big Joe Flacco fan it was hard to see him go, but Flacco was not in his prime, Jackson is in his prime. When Flacco left I still cheered for Flacco, I wanted him to and still want him to play well as long as it was not against the Ravens. If Jackson gets traded I will continue to cheer for him.

Whatever team Jackson plays for next season will get an electric young quarterback. It just does not seem like the contracts negotiations are going anywhere. Jackson wants way more guaranteed money than the Ravens are willing to spend.

The Ravens will likely Franchise Tag Jackson and I highly doubt that he will play under a Franchise Tag. There is also the fact that Jackson on social media posted several stories that seemed to be targeted at the Ravens.

Maybe the Ravens and Jackson can reach an agreement but for now it seems very unlikely.

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