Ravens early favorites in week one match up against the Browns

The Baltimore Ravens are early favorites against the Cleveland Browns in their season opener at home in Baltimore. Looking at NFL Odds for week 1, the Ravens have the second biggest spread in week one with a -9.

The Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs are the only team with a high spread at -10. The Chiefs are playing the Houston Texans in week one at home and are obviously heavy favorites.

The season is still early to predict, the NFL has to get through training camp and preseason. Injuries always play a part in football and every team has injuries early on and throughout the season.

The Ravens have answered most of their big offseason question marks through the draft and free agency. While the Browns may have also gotten better I still think the Ravens at home will beat the Browns by more than 10 points.

Right now I would bet on the Ravens at home to beat the Browns any day of the week. The Browns finished with just six wins last season, by Cleveland standards that is a good season. The Browns have not had a winning season since 2007 when they finished with ten wins.

The Ravens on the other hand went 14-2 in the regular season before the Tennessee Titans upset them in the playoffs. One of the Ravens losses was against the Cleveland Browns but that was early in the 2019 campaign and the Ravens were figuring things out defensively.

The Ravens had one of if not the strongest draft in the NFL, according to several annalist including Mel Kiper Jr. That strong draft will only help the Ravens improve with fresh young talent.

Other teams with huge odds in week one include the Indianapolis Professional Football Team, they are heavy favorites against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Indy acquired veteran quarterback Phillip Rivers this offseason has a 7 point spread on the Jaguars.

The New England Patriots despite losing quarterback Tom Brady have a 6.5 spread over the Miami Dolphins. The Philadelphia Eagles have a 6.5 spread over the Washington Redskins.

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