Player Profiles: Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis running the bases

This is my first player profile on a Baltimore Orioles player.  Who better to do a profile on then the Orioles longest tendered current Oriole that is why I selected Nick Markakis.  Markakis was the selected by the Orioles in the first round of the 2001 MLB draft.  Markakis made his Major League debut in 2006 and never looked back.

Since Markakis was a rookie he has been very consistent and holds a career batting average of .292 prior to the 2014 season.  Markakis really has no weaknesses in his game as he is a very good player overall.

Markakis is a Gold Glove right fielder and his arm strength in right field may be his biggest weapon.  Before starting his professional career Markakis pitched and his accuracy and arm strength are proof of that.

Enjoy this highlight reel catch that Markakis made.

Markakis has decent power but he is mainly a singles and doubles hitter.  In four different seasons Markakis hit 40 plus doubles.  The most home runs Markakis has hit in a season was 23 in 2007.  Markakis has above average speed but is not steal many bases.

Despite being one of the baseball’s most balanced players Markakis has never become an All Star.  Markakis has won a Gold Glove.  I think Markakis got overlooked for Gold Gloves in the past because he was on poor Orioles teams.

Markakis has battled some injuries in his career but has remained on the field.  I think Markakis’ toughness has caused his power drop in the 2013 season when he only hit 10 home runs.  Markakis is also an extremely unselfish baseball player and he is willing to hit anywhere in the Orioles lineup.  It is usually revealed after the season is over how banged up Markakis was during the season.

Markakis is also extremely loyal to the Orioles even though at the beginning of his career the Orioles did not put out good teams.  Markakis signed one of the Orioles biggest contracts in franchise history.

Markakis is also very active in the Baltimore community and relocated his family to the Baltimore area shortly after signing his contract extension with the Orioles.  Markakis also gave owner Peter Angeleos a push towards putting the Orioles into the right direction.   Markakis and Angeleos had a private meeting about the Orioles before the Orioles had their break through season in 2012.

Markakis is best described as being a silent leader or someone who leads by example.  Markakis does everything right, he plays hard and studies the game of baseball.  Many other Orioles have said that no one does more film study than Markakis.  Markakis has also been outspoken about getting rid of steroids from baseball.

Here are Markakis’ hitting stats.

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