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558px-Chris_Davis_on_August_10,_2011When you break the Baltimore Orioles franchise record for home runs… people start to notice you, meet Chris Davis.   The Orioles acquired Davis and Tommy Hunter from the Texas Rangers for Koji Uehara in 2011.  Davis is known for being called “Crush Davis” for his long towering home runs.

Davis was drafted by the Rangers in the fifth round of the 2006 MLB draft and made his Major League debut in 2008.  The Rangers had trouble finding a position for Davis at the Major League level, despite hitting 21 home runs in 2009.  Davis was a player who was up and down between the minors for the Rangers and that is why he became trade bait.

Davis had an good year in 2012 in his first full season as an Oriole and he hit 33 home runs.  In 2013, Davis moved to first base full time and had one of the best seasons an Oriole hitter has ever had.  Davis broke the Orioles franchise record for home runs in a season by hitting 53.  Here is a video of the first 50 home runs Davis hit in 2013.  The record was previously held by Brady Anderson when he 50 home runs in 1996.

Davis is prone to strikeouts and even in his career year in 2013 he still had 199 strikeouts.  Davis has gotten better at forcing walks, walking 72 timed in 2013.  Average wise Davis has improved greatly, in 2012 Davis hit .270 and in 2013 Davis hit well over .300 for most of the season until wear-and-tear had his average drop to .286.

Defensively Davis has moved around different positions throughout his career.  Davis is very athletic for his size but really turned into a near perfect first baseman in 2013.  Davis runs well for a big guy but he is a pure power hitter and does not steal bases, he only has 11 career stolen bases.

I think Davis is going to continue his success that he had in 2013.  Davis is really strong and that is not going to change.  The more Davis lays off on bad pitches the better he is going to be and Davis is still learning how to do that.  Davis likes to play everyday and played in 160 games in 2013, by the end of the season I could tell that Davis was worn out.  The Orioles need to do a better job at giving him a little more rest.

2014 was not kind to Davis, he suffered an oblique injury and was not the same.  Davis only hit 26 home runs and hit for a .196 average.  Davis was also suspended for using Adderall and missed the playoffs.

Personally Davis is a big Christian and while he had a twitter account quoted the Bible.  Davis is very open to the media and is known for having a bright personality.

Here is the MLB’s Outlook for Davis.

Here are Davis’ stats.

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