Player Profile: Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith a true Baltimore Raven home grown player.  Smith went to the Univsesity of Maryland and did not grow up far from the state, Smith was born in Virginia.  Smith has been one of my favorite players since he showed up at Maryland and I was very happy when the Ravens drafted him.  Smith is a true playmaker.

Torrey Smith and 2013 Superbowl trophySmith was drafted in the second round of the 2011 draft and splashed onto the scenes against the St. Louis Rams where he had three touchdowns.

When Smith was drafted the knock on him was that he was a raw receiver and was more of a track athlete than a football player.  Well by the end of Smith’s rookie season all those questions seemed to go away as his hands vastly improved.  Smith also got better at route running.

Smith has been a big deep threat and touchdown machine since he was a rookie having seven in his rookie year and eight in his sophomore season.  The nine 40+ yard receptions have been something exciting for Ravens fans that has historically not been there.

Smith has been a great fit for quarterback Joe Flacco’s big arm his speed is nearly unmatched on the football field.  This season Smith is Flacco’s number one go to receiver and I expect him to smash his personal reception numbers.

What I like best about Smith is not how he plays on the football field but the kind of person he is off.  Smith is a smart guy off the field and helped raise his family as a boy, most people in his situation do not turn out like he did.  Smith does not drink alcohol or smoke and he is very involved in the community. I think his intelligence is what has helped him improve on the football field as he has been known to be very coach-able.

This is a true standup individual who the Ravens will never have to worry about personal issues, in fact he is more than a model citizen.  Smith has also become interested in Maryland politics.  Smith is a true role model for young football fans.

Smith is only 24 years old entering his third season and I hope the Ravens keep him around for the long haul because he is fun to watch.  The Ravens have missed on a lot of wide receivers they have drafted and this is one that they did not miss on.  If Smith stays with the Ravens I have a feeling that he will become the greatest wide receiver in the history of the Ravens and be in the Ring of Honor some day.

Here are some highlights of Smith.




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