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Hi guys, this is the first time I am during a live blog.  I have off today from all my jobs so I decided to do a blog while I watch the Baltimore Orioles versus New York Yankees game.

Starting pitchers: The Orioles have Wei-Yin Chen going, the only Orioles starter to pitched in every game.  He finished the season with a 4.02 era.  The Yankees have veteran Andy Pettitte on the mound, he missed a majority of the season.

First update will come at the bottom of the first.  There will be a rain delay to start the game so hang tight.

UPDATE: Ok so I did not make it to the bottom of the first before the first update.  The game will start at 8:45 p.m. that is five minutes later than last nights game so hold tight.  Angel Hernandez is umpiring home plate, he has a history of calling Orioles games badly.  Bases loaded again after a Jones single… Hardy could have scored but he stayed at third.  Wieters popped out.

Orioles leading 2-1

Top for the first: Andino makes a great for a double play after the Yankees get the first two on.  The Yankees got the first run on a ball of the wall by Cano.  Wieters missed the tag at the plate.

Orioles down 1-0

Bottom of the first: Angel Hernandez doing the Orioles in again.  Strike one on Chris Davis was 3 inches low and outside according to their pitch tracks.  Orioles still down

Top of second: Chen threw a pitch down the middle that was clearly a strike and it was called a ball by Angel Hernandez, Buck was not happy.  The Yankees went down in order despite the call.

Orioles still down 1-0

Bottom of the second: Orioles go in order again, have yet to get on base.  Hernandez is being very inconsistent on his strike calls.  Pitch one to Wieters was clearly outside, it was called a strike.

Top of the third: Chen is settling down, Ichiro got on base with an infield hit. Buck talked to Hernandez between innings and Chen started getting the calls the Yankees got.  Arod got a hit after Ichiro’s infield single. Chen’s pitch count is up to 51.

Orioles down 1-0

Bottom of the third: Two easy outs for Pettitte he has not had any tough at bats against him.  Andino with the first Orioles hit, Nate followed it up with another single.  Hardy walks bases loaded, Davis with a bases loaded single to get the Orioles the lead.

Orioles up 2-1

Top of the fourth: Yankees load the bases, Chen gets Jeter to ground out with the bases loaded.

Orioles still up 2-1

Bottom of the fourth: Reynolds gets on base by an error, Jeter had a bad throw.  The Orioles get nothing.  Pettitte’s pitch count is up to 64.

Orioles 2-1

Top of the fifth: two pitches two outs.  Cano went on two pitches.  Quick inning, really saves Chen’s pitch count.  It was a four pitch inning just in case you can not count.

Orioles still leading 2-1

Bottom of the fifth: Nate reaches on an error.  Orioles get nothing, Pettitte is allowed to balk now.

Orioles holding on to a 2-1 lead

Top of the sixth: Strike three not called on Martin then Hardy has  an error.  Machado catches Granderson’s pop up.

Chen keeping the Orioles at 2-1

Bottom of the sixth: Wieters leads off with a double and Reynolds drives him in with a single.  Thome strikes out again and Machado hits into a double play to end it.

Orioles extend the lead to 3-1

Top of the seventh:  Yankees get one back with Jeter’s rbi single.  Chen getting taken out after getting one out in the sixth.  Darren O’Day came in to face A Rod and got him out.  Brian Matusz came in and walked Cano intentionally then got Swisher to pop out.

Orioles with a one run lead 3-2

Bottom of the seventh: Easy inning for the Yankees, Orioles go 3 up 3 down.

Game still at 3-2

Top of the 8th: Matusz stayed on to pitch and Tex hit a hard single.  Martin was called out on a pitch inside and Granderson struck out swinging.  Matusz has been nasty out of the bullpen and become one of the best relievers, just another thing about this season that has everyone scratching their head.  Nunez pops out.

Orioles keep it at 3-2

Bottom of the 8th: Davis leads off with a lead off single, Pettitte out of the game.  Davis Robertson in the game and got two ground outs and a strike out of Reynolds to end it.  Endy Chavez pitch ran for Davis.

Orioles go for the save 3-2

Top of the ninth: Johnson on to redeem himself.  Jeter grounds out on the first pitch, Suzuki grounded out as well.  A Rod Strikes out Orioles tie the series 1-1.

Final score Orioles 3 Yankees 2

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