Orioles by the numbers. Missing Markakis

One of the most consistent Baltimore Orioles Nick Markakis is on the 15-day DL with a hand injury. Looking at the numbers Markakis is more than just a name that has played just about every day since being in the majors. His defense speaks for itself having won the gold glove last year. Markakis has also been the Orioles number three hitter all season. Here are some notable stats.

1. Markakis is tied with Mark Reynolds with 22 walks, which leads the team.
2. Markakis leads the team with 13 doubles.
3. Markakis is second on the team in RBI’s with 26.

The Orioles have been struggling lately and it will only get harder for the Orioles without Markakis, one of their key players. If the starting pitching returns to form they should have no problem competing again.

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