Orioles-Astors Game 2 Preview

Houston– 8:10 p.m. ET, MASN, MLBN– Once again there will be plenty of energy at Minute Maid Park Tuesday, celebrating the teams 2017 World Series Monday look for the crowd to be just as excited when ace Justin Verlander takes the mound. Houston fans are excited to haveĀ Verlander for a full season in 2018 and look for them to show him support as he looks to lead the Astros back to the playoffs.

Even with the day off last Friday, the Orioles would have able to skip the fifth spot in the rotation but decided not to. Instead the birds will send Mike Wright Jr. out for game 2 in Houston. Taking on the best offense in the league from a year ago, Wright Jr. will try to navigate through the Astors offense to his best ability. Wheres Alex Cobb when we need him?

Verlander has had his fair share of battles with the Orioles offense in years past. In 196 AB the O’s hit .219 avg/.269 obp/.367 slg. Although the subpar numbers as a team, some of the O’s offense has produced vs Verlander. Starting with Beckham (3-for-3, 1 HR), Manny Machado (7-for-24), and Adam Johns (11-for-44, 3 HR).

Hopefully the O’s offense will tie some hits together and possible even get a lead for the first time since opening day. Let’s get after 35 year old Verlander and ruin his welcoming party back to Houston, after the trade Verlander finished the season with a 1.06 ERA and followed up the dominate postseason by starting the year tossing six scoreless innings and a win against Houston. On paper Houston looks to be the favorite but I have that feeling the Orioles offense is just waiting to break out and tonight just might be the night.

Boogies Prediction:

  • Wrigth Jr.- 5IP, 3ER, 3 K, & 2 BB (this a job interview for Wright Jr.)
  • A. Jones- (2-4) RBI Double
  • Castro/Brach/Givens- clean 7th, 8th, & 9th
    • Orioles win 5-4 over the Astros


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