No. 8 Maryland Terrapins look to tame No. 6 Iowa

The No. 8 Maryland Terrapins hit the road with a five-game win streak as they face No. 6 Iowa. This game will determine who will move into second place for the conference. Maryland will have their hands full but has proven their critics wrong with a strong road performance.

The Keys to Victory!

A Primetime Chance Meeting

Maryland and Iowa will be in a primetime game as Diamond Miller and Caitlin Clark face off. This is Maryland’s biggest game of the season as they go into Iowa with a five-game win streak.

Iowa is a good shooting team but has problems closing games

Iowa is practically the Golden State Warriors of NCAA Women’s basketball. They shoot almost nine threes a game and most of their points. Future WNBA No. 1 overall pick Caitlin Clark leading the charge in the shooting. Maryland can be but is disappointing in defending the three from a defensive standpoint.

Iowa has shown tendencies this year that they have to be better in close games.However Iowa is on a six-game winning streak but some of their wins are what-ifs, especially against Nebraska and Michigan State. Look for Maryland to keep this game very close and competitive.

How do you play chess with Iowa?

Defense is going to be key for this game. Maryland’s defense lately picked up good statistics for the Terps they are 3rd in the conference in creating turnovers. Like a game of chess, Maryland has to think two moves ahead of Iowa. This is going to be a true test for Maryland.

What this win can mean for Maryland?

A huge on win the road for Maryland would not only boast huge confidence for the Terps, but it would silence the critics of this team. How can this team define their LegUSy?

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